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BBC family donates to children

BBCD is a family from London in the United Kingdom which has joined hands with us to see that have Kyazanga becoming a better place to live in by helping out in donating what they can to some of the community children.

BBCD family that visited the community included Birungi the mother of three children Brandon, Carol and Darin hence the generalized name BBCD family. Birungi is a Ugandan Born and when she found out about Kyazanga community and the work done by Joy for Humanity she had the compassion to visit the community and offer what they could to some of the community children during their visit to Uganda .

As a family, they collected and organized children clothes that they traveled with while coming to Uganda . During their short visit they visited Kyazanga School and the community. It's during this visit that they presented the clothes to Suzan Ssentongo the mother to Joseph so that she could distribute to the community children.

When they visited the home for the Bright Hearts they were so grateful with the kind of life these children where now living compared to their previous conditions.

The Bright Hearts entertained them with some welcoming songs and they thanked these children for the happiness they showed them and they further bought for each of them a pair of shoes on addition to the clothes they had received earlier.

This family was happy to be in Kyazanga and they greatly thanked everybody who has joined hands to see things as they are moving in the community.

They promised maximum support to see that this work continues to save many more underprivileged children and also continue to stand with the leadership to continue bringing more impact to the community.

Moved with compassion to continue saving lives of the community people, they promised to see that on return to UK they will discuss more with friends and all generous well wishers so that they can appeal to them to see that they can do something and help to offer a hand to Kyazanga community so that one day everybody in the community can be happy, well off, with good jobs and having a long life.


Friends and generous well wishers from UK who will stand with this family will greatly be helping in God's work to pick up the poor from out of the dirt, rescuing the wretched who have been thrown out with the trash and seating them among honored guests. We appreciate you kindness well in advance as you stand with this family.

"Whoever gives one of these little ones only a cup of cold water in the name of a disciple, he shall by no means lose his reward" Mathew 10:42

May God bless you and reward abundantly as you continue standing with us.