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Haydn Anthony

You are reading this information while sited in a beautiful home or any other comfortable place BUT over 60 million Orphaned children in Africa don’t have such places and no one is there to assist them. We are so grateful for all those who have tried their best to stand with us to bring Joy and hope to a number of children.

The children are our future who if rescued, guided and assisted to pursue excellence in academics with practical skills they will surely become productive citizens of the world with integrity in conduct and moral values.

Joy for humanity has tried to rescue the life of many children and has provided quality education to vulnerable children but most of them come from extended families which are much unsecured while others stay in the school dormitories as part of the boarder students and these are a bit safe.


Extended families are the most dangerous institutions in Africa because the young blood in such families is continuously abused in many aspects by uncles, aunties and other family members.

To have pure Bright Hearts who will make a positive contribution to the world we designed family structures that we know can change the situation but because of limited resources we haven’t been able to utilize them.

We continuously seek the face of God to continue instilling moral values in the hearts of our children in family setups and we are privileged that God has provided our first home through a kind and generous lady Haydn Anthony.

Haydn Anthony is the Founder of the Great Hearts Afire Foundation and its projects. Her focus as the creative and organizing principal of the foundation is to inspire as many people as possible.

We strongly express our gratitude to Haydn Anthony who has contributed all the funds that we are going to use in constructing of our first home which is going to be a home of Joy and Bright Hearts.

In Proverbs 22:6, the Bible teaches us that “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is grown he will not depart from it”.
This is a great privilege that with our family setup we are going to instill moral values in the hearts of our children and equip them for true success in life.

Our Home is planned for 8 lovely children and a “House Mother” whom we prefer that she is a widow so that we can bring hope to such ladies also.

We are going to have children from circumstances where their social (family) structure has broken down due to loss of parents either through death or neglect (abandonment).

Discipline is primarily supposed to begin in the family set up but in a situation where the father and/or mother is absent or lacking, this very crucial element in the raising up of a child is lost. That is why it is so important for Joy for Humanity institutions to attempt and meet this urgent need.

Our mandate is not just to feed, clothe, educate and house the children. It is not meant to be just a humanitarian response to the needs of destitute children; rather it is to become the substitute parents to these children and restore the lost family structure within, which child development is meant to take place.

We are called to train the heart, mind and body of the child so as to ensure that these children will live successful lives and in turn become part of the solution as we together strive to make this world a better place for everybody.

Our purpose as Joy for Humanity therefore is to do all we can to our children so that they grow up as the future generation of leaders of the nation and also having the attitude to make their nation self-sufficient and hence make a positive contribution to the world.

With such children growing as part of Joy for Humanity we are very sure that we will be able to see that everybody in the community is happy, well off, with good jobs, education and having a long life.

Prayer Requests
Pray for the Children Selection Team so that God leads them to the MOST Vulnerable Children whose social (family) structure has been broken down due to loss of parents either through death or neglect (abandonment) so that they become part of our first Home of Joy and Bright Hearts.

We are going to have 8 children and one “House Mother” Pray that God leads people to join hands with us so that each of the children is able to receive, $100 as initial setup fee required for buying initial requirements of the child like cloths, beddings etc and thereafter a monthly fee of $30 to cater for the child’s monthly needs.

Our first home is in progress and hence 8 neglected children are going to be rescued very soon, pray that our God will multiply the number of homes to 32 so that we can have 256 children rescued and 32 “House Mothers” as for our initial planned number.

Pray for God’s mercy and guidance to be upon us as we continue doing this work so that it continues to bring His glory.

May God bless you all.