"My family is related to every reigning King & Queen in Europe and those who are not on the throne for example Constantine of Greece and Michael of Roumania.

The Queen of Great Britain and I share a common ancestor King Henry the 2nd who married Princess Eleanor of Aquitaine and had a daughter Maud who married Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony who in effect is my direct ancestor from the 12th century."

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WCYF 2009

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HRH Prince Frederick with Sheikh al Nahyan 2005




is the Founder, President of Children of the World 2000. Prince Frederick has been involved in peace activism since the early 80's. After leaving university the prince joined the family firm, which was an import-export business and was also involved in publishing.
His present work is as a World Peace Emissary and is a Fellow of the International Institute of Peace Studies & Global Philosophy.

He has a moral passion in serving the cause of peace and humanity. "I always have this saying in mind when I go out on my missions for peace: - ' Wars are the stains of shame which centuries will not wash away and we cannot redress the wrong doings of mankind, what we can do is educate those who will one day inherit the earth from us and teach them the values of peace, universal understanding and the joy of global friendship.' "


Children of theWorld2000 is Not for Profit Company with Registration number 404665

receiving congratulations from dignitaries including Mr. George Papastergiou on the announcement of Peace Garden Project from the Prefect of Pieria in Northern Greece.
We affirm that our organisation is founded on a noble ideal; that every person has the capacity to perform deeds that are both good and great and that in the light of such deeds humankind is reminded of the best that we might become.

The children and the youth of the world are now empowered to take action and demand that the governments of the world listen to them as they are the future and they have been given the right to be heard by the United Nations General Assembly in 1990. That right was confirmed at the Millennium Summit of Heads of State & Government in New York in August,2000.

It is the declaration of our members and of our partners that we promise to jointly commit ourselves to assisting with the challenge to make the world a more peaceful and better place to live for our children and future generations. Children are innocent, precious, vulnerable and dependent. Full of activity, curiosity and hope they expect to grow and develop in peaceful and joyous surroundings. It is expected that the future will be a harmonious one for the generations to come and to that end Children of the World 2000 will endeavour to play its part in securing that aim.

Our principles define what we hold to be right. In all that we do or say will be guided by the core virtues of our noble ideal which are:
Striving for Peace in the World
Respecting the fundamental and essential dignity of all people whatever the colour of their skin or the God they worship,
Treating others as we would like to be treated,
Working to develop mutual understanding and friendship,
Respecting Human Rights,
Trusting one another…………………………………….

These principles show what we are aspiring to achieve.
Children represent the fragility of humanity, they are the symbol for a peaceful future – if we accept that universally then what a wonderful world it would be. Let us learn from this quotation: “In respect for diversity lie the seeds of harmony.”

Children of the World 2000 is an umbrella organisation recognised by UNESCO and the UN for its advisory role to charities in the UK and
overseas. Areas of operation include Brazil, Nigeria, The Philippines, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Ghana, Sri Lanka and Uganda.
We are creating opportunities for social entrepreneurs all over the world. Being part of an NGO Coalition engaged with the Rights of the Child we are contributing to the creation of a culture of prevention of child abuse raising awareness, mobilising public awareness and introducing prevention programmes into schools and using civil society organisations including Rotary International and the Lions to assist us with fundraising etc.


This project is one of several we are involved with in Africa:

A charity supported by Children of the World 2000

The school is located in Masaka District Kyazanga Sub-county, Lyakibirizi Parish and Kabingo L.C.1.
There is a large sign post on the main road at 46 Km from Masaka town along Masaka - Mbarara road. Due to the location it's very easy for you to reach the school once you board a taxi and inform them that you are stopping at Kyazanga Modern Primary School


For a very long time, Kyazanga area was lacking a good modern Primary School. Good schools are far away like in Masaka town and many times are very expensive. This has resulted in a number of early school drop-outs at a tender age.

Kyazanga Day and Boarding Modern Primary School is an incoming project. Although the managing director was having this idea in his mind for a very long time, the real construction of the school began on 1st October, 1997 .

After constructing blocks for the Nursery and primary one classes, the school was officially opened on 9th February 1998 with 92 pupils.

However, building is still going on since the aim is to put up a primary seven standard day and boarding school.






"T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More

C o T W 2000 has the goodwill and support of Mr Kofi Annan, former Secretary General of the United Nations and Chief Emeka Anyaoku, former Secretary General of The Commonwealth.

The goal of Children of the World 2000 is to educate future generations on the values of being good neighbours, trusting friendships and living together in peace.

Also we are focusing on the removal of racial & religious prejudice by teaching youngsters from a very early age to respect one another whatever their religion or the colour of their skin. We're all alike, there are those who are being persecuted, tortured or killed because of the tribe you belong to or the God you worship - Nazi Germany , Northern Ireland and Kosovo are examples of ethnic cleansing, racial hatred and religious prejudice.

The children will be taught the history and consequences for humanity if this goes on. At our Summits, Forums and meetings young delegates endeavour to address the aforementioned goals - these and other issues will be the most important challenges facing humanity for generations to come.

We are active in the Far East , Central America and Africa financing projects to make life better for children and their communities.

We try not to get embroiled in political disputes and remain neutral but to gain assistance in the many countries we deal with we need to have a dialogue with the Governments and their diplomatic missions worldwide.

Ever since the first-ever World Summit for Children in New York (1990) organised by the UN and UNICEF various NGOs have been working to formalise a structure that would enable the youth of the world to work closely with the UN.

Children of the World 2000 and other NGOs are aiming to consolidate that idea, having young representatives attend a permanent Young General Assembly in New York or other location i.e. Geneva in Switzerland.

The ultimate wish of every human being is Peace and the only way to a peaceful, better world is through our children. A couple of major events are being planned - in 2009 the 1st World Creative Youth Forum in Bulacan, 27.5 kilometres from the financial and industrial centre of Metro Manila, the Philippines, and two international conferences in 2010 are under discussion, one for Istanbul, Turkey ~ the Global Youth Congress ~ and in India a Commonwealth Children's Peace Festival has been proposed for New Delhi.

These events will display to the world a huge multicultural diversity of young people living and interacting together in a cohesive and harmonious group whose main purpose is to contribute to the world-wide activities of others in praying for a lasting Peace.

Another project we are actively engaged in is the planting of the Children of Ireland Peace Garden in Downpatrick , Northern Ireland , the garden will be a venue for children and adults to visit from all over the world. We have an idea to institute an annual award to children who promote peace within their community.

We are also pursuing the idea of doing a Children's Peace Garden project in Northern Greece in the foothills of Mount Olympus .

The present generation must take the lead and initiate a code of compliance in step with the demands of the worlds' children. The Children of the island of Ireland Peace Garden will celebrate that a lasting peace in Ulster has finally come. The Peace Garden in Greece will show the children's aspirations and dreams for a peaceful world and they hope the garden will be part of the Athens 2004's Legacy to the world following the successful Olympiad.

UNESCO will fund a DREAM Centre (visual arts, dance, music, words and other forms of creative expressions) which will help children from areas of conflict to heal in beautiful and peaceful surroundings. They may not have had the opportunities to learn arts and the centre will develop programmes designed to assist them in appreciating their own creativity.

The connection to the Athens Olympics makes this initiative all the more significant.

The 2009 World Creative Youth Forum in the Philippines and other projects shall fulfil the aspiration of focusing the attentions of nations on the need to give priority to our children to whom we must hand over a more humane world infused with sensitivity.

Children of the World supports initiatives that develop the social and emotional competencies that are vital to their success in building and maintaining healthy relationships, achieving academic success, and making positive contributions to their communities and the world.

Lessons teach students life-long skills for communicating effectively, resolving conflicts, expressing empathy and care, creating community, problem-solving, managing feelings and behaviour, promoting diversity and countering bias and prejudice. A variety of activity types including games, role-plays, songs, cooperative learning, and connections to children's literature are included to bring the lessons to life for students in the classroom.

Forums and seminars co-organised by Children of the World 2000 have been well - attended and one delegate said "We are not future leaders, we are the leaders now, so let's get going because we've got a whole world to change." Another youngster remarked: "We are the children of today and we must help the children of tomorrow by changing the world - the answer lies in our hands.

" Let us learn from this quotation: "In respect for diversity lie the seeds of harmony."

HRH Prince Frederick v. Saxe-Lauenberg FIPS

HH Princess Rabiatou Njoya of the Cameroon.

HH Prince Mohsin Ali Khan

HH Prince Mansour al Khalid bin Saud of Saudi Arabia

HE Sir Colville Young GCMG, PhD, Governor General of Belize

Goodwill Ambassador: Margaret Gibney, UNICEF Youth Ambassador for Peace




The National Children of Greece Peace Garden is to be located in the Prefecture of Pieria within sight of the sacred home of the Gods - Mount Olympos and Mount Pieria home of the Muses.

It is hoped that the Garden will be planted in the foothills of Mount Olympos and be under the eternal protection of the Gods.

This initiative we hope will be a legacy project of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens as it shares the same noble ideals of the Olympic Movement including the promotion of a permanent truce amongst the nations of the world and the fostering of peace and reconciliation through the youth of the world.

The garden will bring together young people together to build lasting partnerships through peace and environmental education.

The garden will have a young people's centre with lecture theatre, library, cafeteria, internet facilities and play areas.

The Peace Garden Secretariat is exploring the idea of incorporating a Children's Trauma Centre in the garden with the partnership of the Hamogelo Foundation. The trauma centre would be residential and will act as a refuge for children who have suffered abuse or who have come from areas of conflict. A team of counsellors will be available 24 hours a day.

Students will do six months at the Peace Garden as part of their university course on peace & conflict studies and

observe at close quarters children engaged on exchanges from all over the world.

Nobel Peace Laureates, distinguished academics and those who are famed for their work in the international peace

movement will be giving talks and lectures at this venue.

The Prefect announced that what an exciting project the Peace garden is for Pieria .

"We are delighted at the prospect to have the National Children of Greece Peace Garden here

in the beautiful land of Pieria . We can make a bright, peaceful and happy world with children dancing, singing, playing, dreaming and creating. With this inspiring idea we can spread the fundamental universal principles of the Olympic spirit which are peace, respect for human rights, anti-racism and so on throughout the whole world."

The planet is presently aflame with irrational regional and civil war. Differences and inequalities between people are increasing instead of disappearing, the universal and everlasting principles of the Olympic spirit are the guiding light of our dreams and aspirations. The National Children of Greece Peace Garden will focus on the children, they are the citizens of tomorrow, they will be the future guardians of the planet..

Their actions will transform our collective hopes to a more desirable change in our attitude towards life. Through the garden which they have designed, their poignant words of

frustration and concern for the world and their artwork, the struggle and vision for peace is strengthened and manifests the hopes of children and the youth filling us with optimism and anticipation.

Mr George Papastergiou is proud to be involved in this struggle & vision. "If the end of this journey is still far away, not yet visible on the horizon, we are content for having paved the way in that direction. Because the road is dotted with the bright smiles of the children who are dreaming of a world that will be at peace, " he said.

This initiative is a process of constant learning and understanding of the inter-related challenges we face." We demand to be heard," say the children. This initiative will display to those in power that the youth of the world have been empowered to challenge those who seek to continue with war and conflict.

They will ask pertinent questions and propose dialogue rather than conflict and appeal to the youth in those areas of conflict to demand a permanent end to hostilities. A quotation comes to mind from Chief Sitting Bull of the Sioux Nation "Those who damage the Earth and are at war with each other are heaping contempt upon the Creator."

Once the garden has been opened the site will be ideal for a possible World Youth Peace Concert, Cultural Youth Festivals, Peace rallies, community events, drama events, peace poets' gatherings, art exhibitions etc.

The Greek National Tourist Office is interested in promoting the Peace Garden nationally and internationally as a tourist attraction and conference centre.

UNESCO the UN agency co-ordinating the Decade for a Culture of Peace and non-violence towards Children of the World have expressed an interest in the project through the office of the Chair for Education on Peace; Human Rights & Democracy Aristotle University Thessaloniki.

The Greek Mission to the EU is to be asked to help with seeking funding from the European Social Fund and other sources.

The Garden will be a permanent fixture in Pieria maintained by the children under supervision of local government.

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