September 21 st to the 26th





To break down the barriers that keep us separate by empowering individuals and strengthening conscious community action.  


This forum will focus predominantly on viable models, which ensure the sustainability of the earth. The values inherent in these models cannot be imposed through legislation and rules but must come directly from the people themselves through:

Creating a platform to allow creative solutions for responsible communities

Sharing existing successful working models by presenting hands-on experiences

Offering skills and tools for implementing the models and approaches presented

Promoting life – long education by creating a circle within which we are both

teachers and students

Using the unprecedented power afforded to people through technology

Extending that power and knowledge from person to person, without constraints or



Accountability; Transparency; Integrity; Life Tools; Stewardship of the Earth; Civic

Responsibility; Shared Solutions.    


Present existing working models from worldwide communities gathering a wide variety of global participants under the umbrella of ‘education for sustainable development'

Give field experience to participants by introducing them to working models.

Offer individual sponsorships for specific aspects of the forum.  

Spread the concept of conscious community action through the website.

Interact with local schools and educational institutions to include children and young people in the building of their future communities.

The main theme of WCYF 2011 is Education for Sustainable Development and in its sub-themes which include Education and Technology. We believe these are vital in accomplishing the tasks for achieving the goals required for sustainable development issues.

These all form our strong vision for the future. Different personalities the majority of which were youth from all over the world met in the Philippines for the Inaugural WCYF in 2009 discussing the problems affecting them, and they talked about mainstream sustainable development efforts and were united towards the goal of making a difference for the earth.

The second Forum taking place in Costa Rica will continue the dialogue.

The building of bridges between nations, the regions and the communities of the world is a very worthy goal of the Forum. It promises to be a unique and immensely valuable occasion and the intention is to have a propitious conference for its contribution to the harmonisation of human relations. Various workshop presenters including Dr Jane Goodall DBE of the Jane Goodall Institute will present their successful models of learning to delegates. The Creative Forum will concentrate on the critical issue of humanity' s common future now that we are on a war footing as the forecast for deconstruction of the global terrorist threat is estimated at many years perhaps decades.

What we are putting into place now through our young people of today who are being taught the values of peace, tolerance, etc.  The rewards will happen decades later when these children are themselves in positions of authority. Our forum resonates highly with those who are seeking alternative solutions to the problems of the world – our values are humanity, international harmony and care for the environment.

In conclusion it is said that the key factors for a harmonious & prosperous world are the love of humanity, togetherness and mutuality of relationship. Each of us, who cares sincerely about equality, should according to their own capability, contribute to this end. To convince the enlightened people of our turbulent age, we have to extract from history the episodes that reflect on the success of inter-relationship & human understanding even in the conditions of animosity and war.

Our Royal HRH Prince Frederick Von Sax-Lauenberg has been serving as Co-Chair of the Forum since 2007 and the Children of the World 2000 NGO has been at the very beginning when the idea for an event of this importance was discussed over five years ago in Australia .

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