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Global Love Period

This page shares the experience of the visit to the families where our Bright Heart children came from. This also enabled us to reach some other community families near the previous Bright Heart children families.

The visit also marked our Global Love period that was celebrated on the 1st of May 2008 and it was really a day to remember. During that period, we decided to pay visits to the families and we also provided some basic necessities to the families that we visited.

This visiting also came just after Joseph was recognized as a Love Ambassador by The Love Foundation for his service to humanity.


Joseph led the Bright Hearts supported by his mom Suzan Ssentongo and sister Cissy Nabayinda.

One of the pictures shows mom carrying the youngest Bright Heart Agnes Kirabo on the back and that's how we moved with her because she could sometimes get tired and so she had to be carried on the back.

We were welcomed very well by all the family members and they we so grateful to see all that we arranged for them. While moving, I saw that it's just the beginning but a lot has to be done for this world and more so in the rural areas where people don't bather reach. I realized that world changers need to act now if such people are to be rescued.

Sometimes I cried when I reached some places but never wanted to show that am crying but I couldn't control because the right to life, liberty and security of people was not there at all.

From the CURE using ICT project on www.kyazanga.org/cure.htm which we want to start as soon as possible, gives the reason why it was mentioned that it will be motor bikes to be used during the data collection because we don't have proper roads while going inside the rural areas.

It's not easy to reach the people but people are there who need to be reached and no one is there to reach them. I hope that with the CURE project, something will continue to manifest and other people will come from all corners to reach those in need and show love to them.

From the visiting, it was clear that people don't reach inside communities but in such places, things are terrible for people and I pray that God helps us to see that those in need are really reached.

Some people are in need but some are too much in need that we have to join efforts to get to their rescue..

In conclusion, the visiting of the families was a good period but on the other end a bad one while seeing what people go through in their lives.

Family Visit Photos