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Joseph Lukwago the founder of Joy for Humanity and acting Director of Kyazanga Modern Primary School informed an Oracle Consultant based in Uganda about this project and all the activities done for the community.

Ganesan Karthik known in short as GK hails from Chennai, South India - born and brought up there. He Was born on 5th May 1982 and he did his Masters in Computer Applications specializing in database systems. He is currently, an Oracle consultant based in Kampala, Uganda.

Ganesan Karthik Inspecting the Children's Band parade.

Born with a sister Lavanyaa, she is married and has settled down in San Francisco, California. She is more of a friend to him than a sister. Regarding his Parents (His world), to whom he owes all - His dad V. Ganesan is the Financial Controller of Jubilee Insurance Ltd, Uganda & Mom, Shyamala is a home-maker.

His word is always... “Live, while alive and offer whatever u can to the society, it's not a question of big or small, the act of giving out is more important.”

Having been informed about this project, GK got concerned about all that was going on in Kyazanga and decided to arrange a visit to the school so that he could see what he was informed.

On 9th, June 2006, Karthik made a visit to Kyazanga and at 11:50 am, Karthik and Joseph were welcomed at the school by the acting Managing Director Suzan Ssentongo, Headmaster, staff members and the children.

The headmaster took the visitor around the school and he was able to see the different structures present like the classes and the dormitories already in place. One of the buildings he recognized first was the Anne house which he had been informed about before.

The visitor was later taken to the main hall were he was entertained by the children with two songs.

After the songs, the headmaster gave his speech and he informed the visitor some of the activities done at the school and the number of the children currently enrolled in the school. He also informed the visitor that the Managing Director Ssentongo Eugenio was not able to be around because of his sickness that needs him to rest for some time.

In his speech, Joseph Lukwago thanked the visitor for having accepted to travel all the way from Kampala to Kyazanga purposely for this visit and seeing the activities done for the community.

The visitor was invited to say something and in his speech he thanked the management for all that is in place to improve the life of the community people especially the children.

He said that he was always looking for a way he could give but his meeting Joseph and seeing all that was started in rescuing the life of the young generation in the community; he felt that this was the right time he was going to do something in assisting the society.

He said that he will try to inform friends and other people about this school and also promised to see that the children have access to text books and through this a good library will come up.

That through different contacts with other people, he will try to see that the school gets a water source like a borehole so that it can assist in providing clean and safe water to the children.

He concluded his speech by saying that with this work done for the community, he will try his best in giving a hand in what he can like Medical facilities to see a new life for the young generation and community in general.

The visitor was later taken for a band parade which commenced after his parade inspection and thereafter matching around the field by the school children with the accompaniment of the Brass Band.

After the band parade the visitor was taken for some refreshment and a simple lunch and thereafter the visitor left for Kampala at 1:45 pm.

Thank you so much for your kindness and may God bless you as you stand with us to save the community children.