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The search for the MOST Vulnerable Children whose social (family) structure has been broken down due to loss of parents either through death or neglect (abandonment) is on.

These orphans are going to become the Bright Hearts in our first Home setup.

The Children Selection Team (CST) headed by Joseph started its operation hoping that this was an easy mission but its not the case.

To reach to the MOST needy children, the CST passes through a hard time because on the way you will find that all the families need a hand. Its really very complicated to choose those you think that are MORE needy because majority of the families have such children.

With misery on all the faces of the children in the different families Joseph couldn't hold his tears with what he was seeing. These children seem to have forgotten that people even smile and laugh. When you look at these children, you will obviously see that they are asking themselves whey they are in this world.

When you tell a child to smile what you get is a plastic smile because they don't see any reason of smiling when they sleep on empty stomachs, they are not getting medication, they are not going to school and lack other basic needs that a child of God deserves.

Most people just hear that people need rescue but once you get to the ground, you will find that REAL ACTION is urgently needed than just using words.

God’s compassion for the poor, the hurting, the refugee, the desperate, lonely abandoned child or widow is a reflection of who He is. He really does genuinely care and seeks a solution to their dilemma.

His solution is to ask us, his people to do it for Him. He is the Father of the fatherless. He is the husband to the widow and He is the provider of every need.

We must enter into community life clothed with love. We must engage with the community practically to bring Hope, Joy, Healing and Life.

Here are the Bright Hearts

Kilabo Agnes
  Kilabo with mom, brothers and sisters. The mother has no job but she has to look after those children with a baby. The husband died when Kilabo's mother was pregnant.
Kilabo's Home
Some children we met on the way to the homes. They were looking firewood in the bushes. What a risk for these young girls!!
More Pictures during the visit