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  1. To support the most underprivileged and deprived members of the community especially orphaned children to access good quality education.

  2. To avail orphans with scholastic materials, uniforms and other essentials.

  3. To carry out Health Education.

  4. Sensitize and mobilize the community about supporting orphans.

  5. Identify orphans from the community requiring immediate action.

  6. To promote the Christian Faith through our activities and through the Gospel.

  7. To engage in income generating activities like small-scale farming, carpentry, African arts/crafts, tailoring, computer training and brass band training so as to further the objectives of the project.

  8. To assist the poor or needy people mostly the widows by providing them with vocational skills and training such as African arts/crafts, carpentry, tailoring and computer training.

  9. To manage the project by preparing work plans and budgets, administering project funds and resources and also preparing the project's progress reports.

  10. To operate bank accounts and render proper accountability for all funds earned or received by the project

  11. To raise, receive and mobilize resources from donors and other sources so as to fulfill the objectives of the project.

  12. To do all things legal, necessary and appropriate to the accomplishment of any of the objectives and purposes of the project.

  13. To do such other things as may be conducive or incidental to the attainment of the above objectives.

  14. Carrying out HIV/AIDS awareness campaign through Public Education.

  15. To administer the work of the project with love, commitment and compassion.