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Kyazanga School is happy to start the construction of a new pit latrine block which has been required for a long time after the main old one loosing its structure and almost getting full to capacity.

With the Managing Director Ssentongo Eugenio still unable to get fully to the day to day activities of the school since March 2006, the school is under the management of Suzan Ssentongo and Joseph Lukwago. There are many challenges encountered and many school requirements needing a lot of resources and at one point one can feel like giving up with this cause of bringing education to children.

Looking at Exodus 14:15 when God told Moses to tell the children of Israel to go forward, you can see that God is bringing joy and hope so that the children of Kyazanga go forward.

Most times when God is about to take you to a higher level, He will allow testing to come your way. The Israelites had been promised a beautiful land but God chose to take them through the route that was through the Red Sea. When they heard a voice saying “Go forward”, it was like saying go and drown.

When you believe God and go forward by faith God will surely lead you through and this is what God is doing in Kyazanga.

God is joining our cause with people who are involving their time, talent, commitment, finances and lots of other resources to see that we cross the sea.

This pit latrine construction is being fully supported by our friends from New Zealand with great mobilization and fundraising of funds done by Steve and Sharron plus Room 21 at Otumoetai Primary School.

When this pit latrine is completed, it will be a facility big enough to assist the school and intimate enough to make the children feel that their lives are entering a new era of using better facilities which they just see in pictures.

Prayer Request

  1. Pray for Steve and Sharron and Room 21 at Otumoetai Primary and all their friends and relatives who have contributed what they can to this cause so that the Lord our God continues to bless them and strengthen them as they continue fundraising for the different projects in the school.
  2. Pray for Steve and Sharron School Fee Fund Project (SSSFFP) so that it gets the finances and resources required in rescuing more children who are unable to attain their education and they are just at home with no hope of joining school.
  3. Pray that this pit latrine gets to completion and that it will also meet the requirements of our expectations.

Thank you for being part of us and may God bless you.

Steve and Sharron
Worker in the pit hole under construction
One of the kind people who generously donated to this cause – Mary Bright
Worker pulling from the pit hole