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Nyanzi and Joseph duirng the handover of the computers
The Director thanking the visitor for the computers

NEMA is a family from Derby in the United Kingdom who have joined hands with us to see that we can have Kyazanga becoming a better place to live in by having standard education for all school going children.

NEMA family is made up of four people, Nyanzi a Uganda Born, his lovely wife Emma a Briton and their lovely sons Moses and Adam and hence the generalized family name NEMA.

This family has been in touch with Joseph and has always been getting updated information about the project through him and on the website.

Center for Uganda Rural Empowerment (CURE) using ICT emerged in a period when Nyanzi was planning a visit to Uganda. On reading about CURE and seeing the project as another important avenue for development of the rural people he got concerned.

As a family, they organized three computers that Nyanzi traveled with while coming to Uganda. During his short visit, he contacted Joseph to take him to Kyazanga School and the community.
It’s during this visit that he presented to the school the computers which triggered the community empowerment activity of using ICT.

Present to receive the visitor in Kyazanga School was the Chairman Local Council III, Chairman LC I, the School and Parents Committee Chairmen, Managing Directors Suzan and Eugenio Ssentongo and other school staff members.

The school Brass Band welcomed the visitor who later inspected the children’s parade of some children who were at the school as others had gone for holidays.

The school and community leaders greatly thanked the visitor for the friendship he showed and the package which is now making most of the children seeing the computers for the first time in their lives.

The Managing Director who is now resuming work after the long sickness couldn’t control his Joy and happiness for the received package and kept on thanking the visitor and promised him that the computers will not just be kept but they will immediately start working even in the absence of Hydro Electricity Power. He assured him that with currently the small generator owned, the school is going to acquire a bigger generator that will be able to run the computers as we work on receiving electricity at the school.

The visitor couldn’t believe what he witnessed in Kyazanga and he greatly thanked everybody who has joined hands to see things as they are in the community.

He promised his maximum support to see that this work continues to save the children and to bring an impact to the community.

Moved with compassion to continue saving lives of the community people, when he returned to UK he discussed what he had seen in Kyazanga with his family and they continued to further show their involved in this cause.

They decided to offer their newly designed online auction website to our activities and promised that when the website starts generating revenue, the income got will be used to support the work of the project in the community.

The website is www.nema247.com and whoever uses it to sell or buy any item is helping in God’s work to pick up the poor from out of the dirt, rescuing the wretched who have been thrown out with the trash and seating them among honored guests.

"Whoever gives one of these little ones only a cup of cold water in the name of a disciple, he shall by no means lose his reward" Mathew 10:42

May God bless you and reward abundantly as you continue standing with us.