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In Uganda, and so much of Africa, decades of war have left economies in ruins. While the scourge of AIDS has wiped out an entire generation of men and women in their prime – their only legacy the children they leave behind.

Right now there are 15 million AIDS orphans in Africa. 1.5 million in Uganda alone. They are the future of Africa, yet they are growing up homeless, scavenging for food and leading a brutal existence with no prospects. No Hope and No Love.

But Jesus said, “the last shall be first.” And through Joy for Humanity, God is working Miracles. Some of these children are being given healthcare, guidance and education they need not just to survive but to lead their community and nation in a new era.

We can be partners playing different roles and if we hold a brothers'/sisters' hand we can help to reach the finishing line together.

We can enter into community life clothed with love. We can engage with the community practically to bring Hope, Joy, Healing and Life to the deprived and underprivileged members.

God bless you so much.

Children being given some clothes
Children Lineup for Lunch
• 10 Million Children are sexually exploited worldwide.

• 27,000 children under the age of 5 Die each day, (19 a minute).