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Kyanzanga community is experiencing an increasing number of children who are struggling to survive after the death of one or both parents. Most of these children their parents have died of diseases like AIDS and others. The burden of caring for these orphans then falls upon the helpless relatives such as grand parents whose life is at a decline. In such a situation, these children can't attain their school fees and other requirements, health facilities and proper housing.
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At such a tender age, these children are not able to go to school but only subjected to hard work all day long.

When it's time for school, most of these children are in their relatives' gardens and when they get back home, they are the ones to do the house work because they are taken as house boys and house girls despite the fact that they are staying in their relatives' homes.

The situation of these orphans is really alarming and there is need for us to join hands and see a way of supporting them.

Some of the caring relatives requested the Director and registered some of these children in Kyazanga Modern Primary School on request to pay at least for the school requirements such that they can have these children studying.

This school project having been started mostly to rescue the situation of the community people, the Director accepts some requests of such kind such that some of these orphans can attain their education with assistance from the school.

Kyazanga Modern Primary School being a private project, it can't cater for a big number of such children since all the resources are privately acquired with no external assistance from the government nor donors or other sources.

With such a situation, the Directors are trying hard to seek for assistance from all corners such that these children in the school and others not able to go to school in the community can be assisted so that they are saved from such a terrible situation.

If assistance is granted, it's the director's wish to see many of these orphans in Kyazanga community looked after and able to go to school as other children in the country.

If funds are available, the Director's best option is starting up an Orphanage around the school where such children can be looked after. This would greatly assist in looking after a number of children as one family and restoring their hope spiritually so that they can become better citizens of this country irrespective of their pasts.

This issue of such children has been addressed to the Area Member of Parliament Hon. Mulindwa Birimumaso who has visited this school on several invitations from the school administration. The Member of Parliament has promised to try and seek for some assistance on behalf of the school.

The Director and the Area Member of Parliament would like to extent their request to any kind people of the world and organisations, for any form of help that you might be in position to afford in rescue of these orphans.

Please do not underestimate the significance of your contribution because one step at a time attains any great achievement.

Through your assistance, we shall be able to have our children growing up as the future generation of leaders of their nation and also having the attitude to make their nation self-sufficient and hence make a positive contribution to the world.

How can you help these orphans?
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