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Penny-On Trust is (a registered UK charity) who are part of the global coalition of charities, voluntary service organization who are committed to making poverty history.

Penny On Vision is to contribute substantially towards a world free from poverty and hunger by setting up a solution which makes it easier to engage consumers and organisations economically, practically and ethically.

Penny On is simply about all of us working together in communities towards common goals and the campaign is being led by young people in partnership with schools, communities, charities, businesses and retailers.

The simple Penny On mechanism enables us all to assist in the delivery of the Millennium Development Goals 1 penny at a time.

With Penny On determined to use young people to show how we can have a world that works for everybody, this great work has been extended to Africa and among the countries benefiting in this is Uganda.

For proper networking of Penny On work, a young Ugandan Joseph Lukwago the founder of Joy for Humanity was appointed the Official representative of Penny On Trust in the country.

With Joy for Humanity work being in the same umbrella as that of Penny On of seeing poverty as history in the world, its evident that the work of Penny On is going to spread from grass root communities which greatly need the support and have been left out in many cases.

Special thanks go to Martin Dewhurst the Founder of Penny On Trust and HRH Prince Frederick Von Saxe- Lauenberg a Penny On Trust Patron whose commitment and determination has seen this important campaign spread in Uganda.

Penny On Trust has had a significant impact in areas where it has been practically involved and most of its success is accounted to the great leadership that is in place and to mention a few great people are:

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Joseph Lukwago Penny On Representative in Uganda
Martin Dewhurst HRH Prince Frederick Von Saxe- Lauenberg
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HRH Prince Frederick is a Patron of Penny On Trust, Patron of Hope for Children and numerous other powerful campaigns, he is also Founder & President of Children of .......... Read More

Women in rural Kyazanga baking bread to earn a living for their families.
  Children digging instead of being at school