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This family found in Tauranga, New Zealand, is really concerned with the lives of the children of Kyazanga – Uganda and is willing to see that these children grow up as God fearing and as future generation of leaders who have a value system that stops war and prevents diseases and will be able to bring their community and nation to a thriving state.

This family is joining hands with Kyazanga Modern Primary School to see that the children are released back into the community as health, educated and well-adjusted adults and they will surely play their part in re-building their country into a positive and prosperous nation.

Steve, Sharron and their son Moses from Tauranga, New Zealand

kyazanga Modern Primary School provides quality education to school going children at primary level. All children who finish primary education in the school are always admitted in the best secondary schools in the country due to the excellent results they attain.

Unfortunately the school can’t support children going to secondary school due to financial constraint and most of the parents and relatives of the children who complete are unable to meet the high fees required in these good secondary schools and therefore the children either end at Primary level or end up going in very poor secondary schools with low school fees and hence the children’s education is retarded.

Last year’s second best student in the school and the whole constituency John Ssekitoleko was admitted in one of the best secondary schools in Uganda called St. Henry’s College Kitovu and this being a high quality school, the school fees paid per term for a single student can look after three children in Kyazanga Modern Primary school a term. John having been looked after by the school from P.1 to P.7 he showed rare qualities of academic excellence from the start to the time he completed primary.

Joseph Lukwago tried to look for sponsorship for John’s secondary school education but things didn’t work out properly and so the family collected the little they could to see that John starts his secondary school in St. Henry’s College Kitovu as they continue looking for assistance.

Having struggled to acquire John’s first term fees and other school requirements, it took only three months and the term came to an end by the end of April. The second term which is scheduled to begin in late May seemed impossible for the family to raise John’s school fees with a lot of hurdles in the primary school.

Joseph always requests Steve’s family to pray for the school and in this same situation he did the same for John’s fees.

With prayer, Steve’s family also got compassion for John and they provided a solution for our dilemma. This family decided to pay for John’s fees so that he can stay in this good secondary school for his education.

Kyazanga Modern Primary greatly thanks this family, Room 21 at Otumoetai Primary School and the whole school and other kind people from New Zealand who have continued to stand with them so as to look after the children and underprivileged members of Kyazanga in their distress and keeping them from being polluted by the world.

Thank you for entering our community life clothed with love and engaging practically with our community to bring Hope, Joy, Healing and Life.

May God bless you so much as you continue standing with us in seeing our school acquiring good toilet facilities, electricity and other human necessities.

You can please contact Steve or Shorron at
Tel: 07 5767343
Email: stephen.caldwell@xtra.co.nz for further details.