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Languages: English is the official language, but Swahili is also widely used, especially among the business community, police and the army. There are a number of indigenous languages, which can be grouped into three: the Bantu, the nilotics, and the nilo-hamites.

Religion: The majority of Ugandans are Christians. Available statistics show that Christians form 66% of the population, people with their own indigenous beliefs form about 18%, and there is a Muslim community of about16% of the population.

Nationality: Ugandan(s)

International Airport: Entebbe

Population: 23,985,712

Economy: Uganda's economic recovery in the last fifteen years has been remarkable. Regarded, as a star performer, Uganda is a pioneer of macro-economic stabilization and structural adjustment in Africa. The country's economic performance over the last decade has been impressive. The average real rate of annual growth in GDP has been about 6.9% resulting in an annual increase of 3.7% in real GDP per capita.

Capital City: Uganda’s capital city is Kampala. It is a modern city built on seven hills and befitting a country with one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. Over the past few years it has expanded to cover ten hills, and continues to grow both in size and charm.
The City has retained its traditional charm, and remains the greenest in Africa. But today Kampala is the heart of Uganda. The centre of commercial life and the seat of government. It is a vibrant modern metropolis adorned with gardens and parks providing colorful oases for its citizens and visitors alike, Hotel facilities range from the best international hotels, with state-of-the-art conference facilities, to accommodation for the more budget-minded. The broad range of cultures in Uganda is also reflected in the wide choice of restaurants in the City, all featuring the wonderful produce of the fertile country side anid fish-filled lakes.

Access to the Kampala: You can access Kampala city easily by any of these.

By air: Through Entebbe International Airport, 40km away from the City centre.

By road: A network of modern tarred roads feeds the City' from different border posts, and other towns.

By Rail: Kampala has rail links with other commercial centres in Uganda and with neighbouring countries.

By Lake: A Steamer service links Port Bell with Mwanza in Tanzania, as well as with the nearby Ssese Islands.

Education: Education continues to be ranked amongst the top priority sectors of Government. The mission of the Ministry of Education and Sports is to provide quality education, to eradicate illiteracy and to equip individuals with basic knowledge, skills and attitudes to exploit the environment for self and national development. Among the most significant achievements of the Ministry in the past decade is the 1996 implementation of a policy on Universal Primary Education (UPE). This policy has yielded significant results and enrolment of children in the primary schools went up from 2.3 in 1995 to 6.5 in 1999. To absorb the largest bulk of primary school leavers expected every year, community polytechnics have been introduced to expand the post-primary education sector. Besides very many other universities, Makerere University is Uganda's renown university and the oldest in East Africa.
Other Institutions are now offering virtual education with other universities abroad giving an opportunity to Ugandans to acquire international qualifications while studying in their home lands. Aptech Computer Education is one of the leading Institutions providing virtual education and has also provided a door to many Ugnadans in computer education.

Climate: Tropical; no seasonal change, except for a rainy season and a dry season.

Temperature: Highs of around 29oC (85oF) with very little humidity; comfortable night temperatures, falling as low as the lower 10sC (50s F) in the higher elevations.

Food: There is a very wide variety of food and eating-places all over the country. At the city you will find all sorts of restaurants that meet both local and international interests. There are Italian, Indian, Thai, Greek, European, and Chinese restaurants. The markets provide a variety of fresh foodstuffs.

Tourist attractions: The country offers many tourist attractions. While many are drawn to Uganda to participate in a safari in search of the endangered Mountain Gorilla, the country has a lot more to offer. Uganda is blessed with sumptuous forests, haunting mountain landscapes, sparkling lakes and a superb range of wildlife. Uganda is also the finest birding country in Africa with more than a thousand recorded species.
There are national parks with a variety of animals including the mountain gorillas; rivers, especially the source of River Nile which is one of the longest rivers in the world; lakes, like Lake Victoria which is one of the largest fresh water lakes in the world; waterfalls, such as the Bujagali falls and the Owen falls dam where Uganda’s electricity is generated from and which is located at the source of river Nile;
Forests; such as the Bwindi impenetrable forest which houses half of the only surviving mountain gorillas in the world;
Mountains; especially the mountains in western Uganda that give it the beauty that no tourist would want to miss;
and historic sites such as the national museum and the Kasubi tombs; and many others.
Around the country there are monuments to our colourful past. Forts, tombs, interesting houses and churches.
The Kasubi Tombs ranked among the best monuments in Kampala, and this historic resting place of the kings of Buganda is a fine example of the traditional skills and craftsmanship of Uganda's past in building and architecture.

The search for the source of the Nile by the early explorers was responsible for attracting interest in Uganda. The decades ending the nineteenth and beginning the twentieth centuries saw literally hundreds of travelers coming to Uganda. Of course with them came prospects for trade, the British colonial interest.
The source of River Nile in Uganda
Kasubi Tombs: Situated on Kasubi Hill, was built in 1881
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