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Joseph Lukwago is acting Director of Kyazanga Modern Primary school after the abrupt sickness which the Managing Director Ssentongo Eugenio suffered which resulted in the Doctors advising the family to keep him away from any work so that he can recover properly

Joseph Lukwago is the first born of this family that started Kyazanga Modern Primary School which was started to assist in educating school going children in the community.

Joseph Lukwago addressing the Parents on the Visiting Day held on the 2nd, April, 2006

With the managing Director on bed rest and away from any activity its now the struggle of Joseph and his mother Suzan Ssentongo to see that the activities of the school continue running as they have been before.

As any school term in Kyazanga Modern Primary School there has to be one important Visiting Day (VD) when parents, relatives, local leaders and other school well wishers visit the school to see the progress and other activities taking place at the school.

This first term’s VD was held on the 2nd, April 2006 and was officiated by Joseph Lukwago who in the absence of the Managing Director from work has to make sure that the school continues to operate so that it continues to fulfill its objectives to the community.

In his speech to the visitors, Joseph thanked the teachers and other staff members who have adhered to the situation and continued to perform their duties even in the absence of the Managing Director.

He also told the parents that God who stared the good work for the community will remove move any obstacle so that the school continues to function normally even without the Managing Director unable to get involved in the day to day activities of the school until he gets well.

He kindly requested all the local leaders and other school well wishers to always clean up his tears whenever he cries on to them in things that may fail to be accomplished by him and his mother.
He further informed the visitors about the registration of a community based organization Joy for Humanity which is in place to see that life of the community people is transformed.

Joseph amused the visitors when he gave out a gift to one visitor who managed to give the right answer of date, month and year when Kyazanga Modern Primary School officially started.
Most visitors couldn’t get the answer until one parent finally gave the answer as 9th, February, 1998 who was handed over the gift by the Local Council III Chairman.

Joseph told the congregation that he asked this question because he wanted to show the parents that 9th, February is also his Birthday.

He told the parents that because of this he is determined to do all he can to see that as he celebrates his Birthday the school also grows with him for the benefit of the community.

This date surprised everybody and most visitors concluded that it was God’s arrangement to see that this school officially started on Joseph’s Birthday.

He concluded his speech by giving them a phrase which is also the motto for Joy for Humanity that “Together with God’s help we can change our community”.

How can you stand in the gap with Joseph to see Kyazanga Modern Primary School furthering its activities for the community?

Prayer Request
"Call upon me when trouble comes, I will deliver you and you will glorify me"... Psalms 50:15

  1. To pray for Joseph so that God gives him wisdom, courage and principles that are required to lead this school to greater heights.
  2. To pray for the Managing Director of Kyazanga Modern Primary School so that the Might Lord gives wisdom to the doctors treating and supervising his health to do all things possible so that he regains his normal health and also God to provide a healing hand on to him as Doctors will always treat and God heals.
  3. To Pray so that God can use all the local leaders, well wishers and the entire school friends to see that they can stand with Joseph in this struggle to see that all the school requirements are achieved.
  4. Pray to God to deliver the entire family from the powers of the enemy and to bring back the family's happiness that is always there when the family head is fine.

Practical Demonstration of your love to the children.

You can practically demonstrate your love to these children by contributing to any of these urgent school requirements that are essential to the children’s well being.

Please do not underestimate the significance of your contribution because one step at a time attains any great achievement.

1. Children’s Pit Latrine.
2. Clean and safe water.
3. School generator.
4. School teachers and other staff payments.
5. Reading materials and text books etc.

If you are willing to assist in any way please feel free
to contact us for further details on the above issues.

Post address:

Kyazanga Modern Primary School
P.O. Box 199,
East Africa.

When you give, it is because you have heard the cry of heaven. When you plant your seed, it is to fulfill God’s burden for humanity. And when you give, you obey the greatest command of God.

When you give, you obey the King of Glory. As you sow seed for souls, you touch the deepest part of God’s heart, and He will bless you for it beyond your ability to receive His blessings.

“Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, will be poured into your lap” (Luke 6:38).
Only then will He multiply your seed that you sow!

E-mail: kyazangaschool@kyazanga.org / joseph@kyazanga.org
Tel: 256-772-340 226 or 256-752-657 813

Thank you so much for you kindness and may God bless you as you stand with us to save the community children.